2006.10.26 「Takeda事件」 EPO審決T0512/02

ピオグリタゾンの併用特許の進歩性: EPO審決T0512/02

出願人は、審判手続きにおいて、比較実験データとともにnew main request(下記独立クレーム1)を提出した。

1. A pharmaceutical composition which comprises pioglitazone or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof in combination with acarbose or voglibose.

Closest prior artとして引用された文献(1)には、α-グルコシダーゼインヒビター、好ましくはinsulin sensitivity enhancerとの併用、は非インスリン依存型糖尿病の治療に有用である旨が記載されており、α-グルコシダーゼインヒビターとしてacarbose、voglibose及びmiglitol、そしてinsulin sensitivity enhancerとしてciglitazone、pioglitazone及びtroglitazoneが具体的に例示されていた。

However, the provision of further pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of NIDDM does not involve an inventive step over document (1) for the following reasons: as was mentioned in paragraph 2.2 above, document (1) teaches to use an insulin sensitivity enhancer in combination with an α-glucosidase inhibitor for the treatment of certain forms of NIDDM. As far as specific active agents are concerned, it is noted that (1) describes three α-glucosidase inhibitors, namely acarbose, miglitol and voglibose and three insulin sensitivity enhancers: pioglitazone, troglitazone and ciglitazone which yields nine possible combinations altogether. From this very limited number of options, the applicant chose two combinations: pioglitazone plus acarbose and pioglitazone plus voglibose. In this context, it is worthwhile to analyse the expermental data submitted by the appellant as annex to the statement of the grounds of appeal. In said tests the performance of a combination of active agents of the invention is compared with each of the individual compounds but not with combinations outside the present invention but encompassed by document (1).

To summarise the results of the tests: said tests show effects which are not mentioned in the closest prior art as defined by document (1), but the effects are not related to the selection of the two combinations as claimed out of the nine possible combinations of document (1). Therefore, they are considered to be inherent in said combinations of (1). There is no evidence at all that the two alternatives of the present invention are in any way advantageous over, e.g., the combination ciglitazone + voglibose or pioglitazone + miglitol.
It follows therefrom that the subject-matter as claimed in claim 1 merely constitutes an arbitrary selection out of the nine possible combinations of document (1) which cannot give rise to an inventive step.

併用療法の発明において、併用の組み合わせを示唆する引例からの進歩性を主張するためには、有効成分単独効果との比較ではなく、該組合せ以外の組合せと比較したデータが要求される。要求される比較データが、単独効果と比較した効果ではなく、他の併用の組み合わせと比較した効果である点は、日本の実務と同じ(参考:2005.11.08 「興和 v. 特許庁長官」 知財高裁平成17年(行ケ)10389;2007.05.16 「ロレアル v. 特許庁長官」 知財高裁平成18年(行ケ)10291)と思われるが、下記に示すように日本特許庁の審査官は特許査定を出してしまっている。



esp@cenet®及びIPDL (JPO)により本特許出願のファミリー(日米欧)を調べたところ、状況は現時点で下記のとおり。日米欧それぞれの審査状況を比較すると興味深い。

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